Dear Coleagues I would like to congratulate the raportuer and the committee for the excellent job they have done and the excellent opportunity they give us for this discussion. Dear colleagues This discussion is very crucial for the future of Europe. If we really understand the challenges we face regarding the preservation of our environment in our planet then we are going to be far more decisive on the relevant issues. The implementation of the Kyoto protocol goals for the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions is considered to be the prime goal of the international response for the protection of the environment. Furthermore the lowering of dependency on the fossil fuel and the growth of use of renewable source of energy is the most viable response to that challenge Till now a lot of discussion has been made upon the non ratification of the protocol on behalf of the USA and the late acceptance by the Russian Federation. We as European should take our responsibilities and face our future regardless of what the USA are going to do. Europe has always been at the foreground for the preservation of the environment and should remain so. Still we fall behind in goals for the crucial deadline of 2012. Reduction in emissions has not yet reached the goals since the energy output has risen significantly during the last 14 years. Furthermore the EU 15 member states are very behind on the goals of the 2001 EU directive for 22% on the promotion of the renewable sources on the electricity market. With last May’s enlargement the goal of 22% use of renewable sources is completely unrealistic and the realistic approach for 17,5% for the year 2010 is completely outdated and optimistic. The dependency on fossil fuels in Europe is still growing. The import of energy resources to compete with the growing needs and the increase of members states that have more growing energy needs is making the time for action imperative. Therefore a European policy to safeguard the implementation of Kioto protocol goals is necessary. We cannot rely on the fact that the US have not yet ratified the protocol in order to excuse ourselves from falling behind in the goals posed by the protocol and the EU directives. The increase of public transport use, the reduction of the airplane use within Europe and promotion of seas transport as stated in the draft resolution are welcomed. Still policies adopted by the EU council as the Prestige package regarding the sea transport increase the cost of use of sea transport and therefore undermine its effectiveness. If we are really dedicated in implementing environment friendly policies for the reduction of carbon monoxide emission then all other policies, economic, transport, social etc. should be accompanied by environmental feasibility studies that safeguard our major goal. Dear Colleagues In the promotion and implementation of the Kioto protocol the Council of Europe has a significant role to play. We should focus more on the environmental legislation adopted by our members and we should promote common goals for our members. In the implementation of the Kioto protocol Europe has the challenge to show the world that there is another way for viable and sustainable development. There is the European way and we should walk that path.